When it's time to keep the project moving forward, count on Homestead Gas to be there to help the Builder/Contractor through to get the job done!

Homestead Gas provides tanks, cylinders and propane delivery service for all types of construction projects. Our program offers customized support for Homebuilders and Commercial contractors. Including total turn key packages which include:

  • Complete "whole-house" appliance packages.
  • County and state permitting.
  • Complete gas piping installation and safety check.
  • NORITZ tank less on demand water heaters.

Solar Options:

Alternative residential/commercial "cost-reducing" Desiccant Dehumidification systems. (Includes federal tax rebates)

Our sales force works with the Builders and Contractors to assure a smooth transition to the project's completion. They provide expert assistance with:

  • Site analysis
  • Tank sizing
  • Rental programs
  • Fire department permit information
  • Scheduling
  • OSHA, NFPA and State code compliance requirements

Other benefits of using our service include paid referral programs, 24-hour emergency on call and automatic propane delivery. Homestead Gas installs the tanks and makes all gas hookups. Safety leak and pressure tests are performed before the gas system is put into service ensuring a safe, worry free installation.

Use the following videos to help educate your customers about the benefits of using propane.

For more information about building with propane, click: http://www.buildwithpropane.com/


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